Navarro Automotive Consulting 

Navarro Automotive Consulting (NAC) is a resource for both corporate and private clients looking to gain a better grasp of the vintage and exotic vehicle space.
Whether seeking to restore a vintage investment piece or understand the growing online automotive auction space, NAC provides clients with strategic insights and guidance. 

Client Testimonials 

"NAC has been a fantastic discovery for me. Nick is knowledgeable with professional training and also solid experience working in the classic and collectable automotive field. Nick spends time explaining things in great detail and ... documents all the services provided.

I highly recommend Nick. People like Nick are a rare resource. He is professional, reasonably priced, knowledgeable, experienced and trust worthy."  (Raj)

Meet our team

Nicholas Navarro

Nicholas (Nick) was raised in Northern New Jersey. His passion for cars grew out of love for all things mechanical, and at age 14, well before he possessed a driver's license, he was given his uncle's nonrunning 1984 Mercedes 300CD. He spent the next two years getting the car roadworthy just in time for his 16th birthday. Needless to say, this triggered a passion for cars. He eventually graduated from McPherson College with a bachelor's degree having an emphasis in "Automotive restoration."  After graduation, Nick went on to become an Automotive/Restoration Specialist with a world-renowned restoration facility in the North East. It was not uncommon to find Nick under the hood of a 1920s Duesenberg or rebuilding an Italian race car's drive train. Nick then saw an opportunity to enter the tech start-up space as a sales consultant in New York City. After some time and longing to get back to his automotive roots, he moved on to creating NAC. Nick's goal is to help others enjoy cars as much as he does. When not in the office, Nick is visiting clients, admiring the cars on the lawn of Pebble Beach, or his personal favorite, cruising down a back road with his family in a vintage Jeep. 


Gobi, our in-house Chief Treat Officer, has created a unique position for himself at NAC. He spends most of his day at Nick's desk, sleeping away, meeting new clients with a wagging tail, and, most of all, riding to an ice cream shop on a summer night in a vintage Jeep.  

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